Do You Make Assumptions About Assumptions?

Top 2 Common misconceptions about loan assumptions:

  1. CMBS loan assumptions are processed and approved by the Master Servicer only. Not true! CMBS loan assumptions are processed by the Master Servicer, and approved by the Special Servicer, the Controlling Class representative and sometimes Rating Agencies (depending on the size of the of the assumption, usually over $20MM).
  2. The buyer's net worth needs to be higher than the seller's. Not True! The buyer's net worth just has to be sufficient to get the assumption approved. We can help you assess the likelihood of an assumption being approved.

Hart Advisors Group is a boutique real estate services company specializing in CMBS loan assumptions. We serve owners of commercial real estate across the country with offices in Dallas, Miami and Southern California.

So why call Hart to help you and your clients with a CMBS loan assumption?

  • Expedited transactions – we get your transaction closed in less time. Our experienced team has processed hundreds of assumptions and knows exactly what is needed to get your assumption approved. Missteps cost time, delay your closing and cost you more money.
  • One point of contact for all parties: the Buyer; the Seller; the Broker; and the Servicer. One point of contact for all paperwork moves the transaction through the closing cycle with ease.
  • We "pre-qualify" deals to increase the likelihood of closing. With our experience we can help all parties avoid surprises and set expectations.
  • We make the servicer's job easy. We understand CMBS and Servicers. We have completed over $4.5 billion of CMBS loan assumptions, restructures and modifications in the last five years.

Contact Richard Lee at 786.408.5509 and see how Hart Advisors Group can help you with any current or future CMBS loan transactions.

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